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. I will listen to the sliding door opened and then closed, I see the shadow of another man at my side to my left, I hear my penguinvids Lord: "Suck it" offers a tap on my lips and took him to the I can move my hand base of the company of my thighs new friends, I caught penguinvids my big lips swallow tail'm taken, this is multiple good to go extremely fast. I love thisThe point is I'm roasting my ass, my Lord, that motivates us all, called me a bitch and a prostitute, and there are plenty of grunt, groan. The guy driving behind me most then ( do not think this is possible), but that is obviously close to the guy cums in my mouth, very loudly, without notice, is a heavy Cummer I can not take anywhere near anything, much of it spilled. penguinvids The guy behind penguinvids me starts to leave then, both heels penguinvids sometimes start from the ground and ankles hurt me, but it was a wonderful toy and it was very flattering, and that leaves me. My teacher is derived from around the world, and we are alone again. I have to clean a face, a mouthwash and a drink and start thinking about what happened. Then he said to my Lord: " In a minute the door" to spend a few minutes. I'm still collecting my thoughts, when they called again, I have to open it. ", okay ?" He says he " Yes, master, " " Well, because I have something to do before you go to" "Good Master, pengu
Quotes invids what is" ( I think that get to suck or be fucked with my teacher at this point) "I'm going to collect his things, and you will walk out the door and enter the second truck in the layby, who are waiting for you," n " Yes, master, " " are behind the group to go and stop " " Yes, master, " "does not go too fast," " Yes, master, " by so I took the lock to break, do not open the door and walk in darkness, through the 5 or 6 people in the door, I realize two of them I stop in the middle, as I said, and the hands are on me, the beatings of my ass, pulling my tail, a rooster got in my hands, I start to masturbate ", for the truck -Go " " Yes, master, " I am slowly busy here and unoccupied car and the first trucks were the second one, no traffic and the way they are in a country you could hear everything that is in my heels! I look behind me and my Lord is still with the group in front of the toilets in a conversation with a of them n " Yes, that in itself, bitch " Now I must have looked very cold eiether or a little ridiculous trying up the truck, is a long way, even without the heels! The door opens and I go up, the cabin is dimly penguinvids lit and tattooed arm pulls me in, there are two guys waiting for me I do not know, say one of them is an Asian man with a belly, I would more than 50 years, is white and his friend to build on it. " You must be Dee? " " Yes, I am," " Well, because the Lord has said fuck the ass that is... "


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Part 2 1 is part (otherwise can not read well ): http://www.. swingingheaven co. uk/stories/story-58344. html This was the end of Part 1 to the left : I took it to then put my stuff on the window sill, the door of a movement, and then he referred to his tail , which I also suck, the door opened again, and my companion was given truck driver with a great expression on his face, sucking discreetly bitch who had taught me. I sucked penguinvids it in full size, Whish is important, and so I asked my teacher if he could catch me, my teacher said yes, and says, " You're going to let this man fuck now, you take his sperm " very upset about me... So I heard the sound of a condom wrapper is opened, a bit of lubricant is applied to me, and I take his penis covered with condoms as I feel like I am " What does , "says my new penguinvids lover " soft........... at first ! "Both have a kind of laugh and then enters, andI felt my hole stretch, as the head appears completely and feel your body on mine, is all the way ! begins to build speed and strength very quickly and it's not long before the fight for are still am, he encouraged me to take my heels and my teachers, fortunately the diabled Loo is some support for their users can be in and out of the toilet, so I have two hands on him to take me back to him, from the noise behind me, is well preserved, since the units to me. "Jesus is scarce," he says, " Yeah, well, not her !" Laughs one more time..